Janie Olivier (TheInkMaiden) is a Mixed Media Portrait Artist from Houston Texas, whose work walks the line between realism and surrealism. Dark and delicate details often appearing in her portrait work which lend something otherworldly to the expressive models she collaborates with. Working to put inspiring pieces into the world and mirror the diversity of the people already in it, Janie combines watercolor, graphite, and ink into pieces that are singular parts of something more -- something bigger. Whether that's collections of faces that add to her growing portfolio or individual handmade cards to form her own tarot deck, she has her sights set on the bigger picture and often can't limit her creativity. The Ink Maiden's artistic journey began after seeing and being fed up with the lack of transgender representation in media; she began painting portraits of trans persons, like herself, to fill that void. Since then, she has tried to keep representation a constant in her work through watercolor and graphite portraits of people who arent often celebrated in traditional art. You can find Janie on all Social Media as "TheInkMaiden" where you can follow her illustrative journey.