Interview with My Gay Houston

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“…When asked why she thinks astrology is so popular in the LGBTQIA community, Janie’s response is disarmingly thoughtful. “I believe it stems from having this part of us that we were never taught about. In whatever form that hole may take, it left us lacking knowledge about ourselves that we must seek out on our own while others are born into a society built for them. Growing up, I was never taught about the existence of the LGBTQ or our rich history, so I had to seek out things like horoscopes to figure out why I am the way I am.”

Janie’s a champion of representation and visibility, portraying different body types, races, and gender identities in her art. Witchy and moody, her drawings blur the lines between creepy and erotic portrayals of the occult. Part tribal, part celestial, part medieval hagiography, JanieWhateva’s work is like what the 2018 Met Gala tried to do with their theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” crossed with a David Lynch-ian fever dream.” 

New Stickers


Iv been working on getting packs of stickers together and i love designing packaging for my pieces haha, i made three themes of stickers, vintage flowers, succulents, and stickers of all my major arcana tarot cards. I have one more pack i plan on releasing in the fall for reasons that will later be apparent lol


The Original Wands


Im taking a few photos of the 3 original pieces i drew that later inspired the entire Suit of Wands in my Tarot Card deck. They where also the first pieces i ever added the golden circle to which obviously became a staple in the pieces i make haha so im glad i got to spend time on these. I figure someone else might like to have them instead of me keeping them sealed in a portfolio. And something i want to do is keep them together. Maybe whoever gets them will keep one and give the other 2 to their friends! Whatever happens ill be happy they get some new love.

Product Photography time!


Working at my desk and trying to photograph all my prints and posters is such a incredible feeling, finally getting to see my work presented so aesthetically lmao~ but this finiky sunlight is so annoying lol, so MANY of them and i have to time it just right so the sunlight hits my crystal prisms i have hanging on my window to shine little rainbow light glares onto each piece. Today is kind of cloudy so its like a game of cat and mouse trying to get the perfect photo before the sun disappears again lol but its worth it so im okay spending an hour and half taking photos of 22 prints :')